The Armory Show

March 2 - 5, 2017
Piers 92 & 94
New York City

Design Projects


Armory Design Projects aims to highlight a diverse group of leaders in contemporary design through five site-specific presentations. These integrated projects across Piers 92 and 94 are inspired by each space’s location and function.


Presented by Mariane Ibrahim Gallery, Seattle, Booth 532
Curated by Maria Cristina Didero
Generously Supported by Dedon
Pier 92: Central Lounge

In the spirit of Burks’ ongoing Man Made philosophy, NOIR is a long-term socially conscious design project, consisting of three different pendant lamps, hand assembled with editions of 18 pieces each. NOIR means more than night, darkness, or even black. NOIR is a reference to the immateriality of the absence of light - a creative space where anything is possible. At the core of Burks’ design vision is the unique process of building a bridge between authentic craft traditions, industrial manufacturing and contemporary design with startling results. The project, premiering at The Armory Show, was produced in close collaboration with Mariane Ibrahim Gallery.

Burks has also designed the Pier 92 Central Lounge, sponsored by Dedon and featuring his Dedon Dala collection.

SUNG JANG, MOBI: #1 Mobi/Chamber, 2015
Courtesy of Chamber; Photo by Antonella Tignanelli  

Presented by Chamber, New York, Booth 400
Pier 92 & 94: Stairwell Entrances
Photo by Antonella Tignanelli

MOBI is Sung Jang’s investigation into the understanding of beauty –the basic construct of human perception. Through modular elements stacked in succession to form shapes and surfaces, MOBI represents the first full-fledged attempt to manifest the theory-in-progress into physical form. Though each piece is minimalistic, together they create a visual complexity intended to increase exponentially in tandem with the multiplication of units, to evaluate the effect of extravagance. Jang’s imaginative compositions create stirring structures, sometimes anthropomorphic or architectural as in this case at The Armory Show, where the installation stands as a welcoming door to access the adjoining staircase.

Studio Job, "Horse Bust (Chess Piece)", 2014
Courtesy of Chamber; Photo by Loek Blonk

Studio Job, A Decade of Studio Job, 2006-2016
Presented by Chamber, New York, Booth #400
Photo by Loek Blonk

Chamber, a unique exhibition space in New York, will present a booth dedicated to special projects by Dutch-Belgian design duo, Studio Job. Founded in 2000 by Job Smeets and Nynke Tynagel, Studio Job’s practice combines a high level of craftsmanship with extreme ornamentation. The presentation reflects their practice through a selection of the studio’s creative work over the past decade, from the iconic Homework series (2006), and Piece for Peace (2010) to Horse Bust (Chess Piece) (2014) and the never-before-seen draft for Sinking Ship (2016).

Presented by Carwan Gallery, Beirut
Pier 92: Public Lounge

Autopsy is the first collaboration between siblings Mary-Lynn Massoud (ceramist) and Carlo Massoud (product designer). The project originated from a close collaboration between Lebanese designers and South African artisans. The project explores the fragility of life, inspired by South African traditional fertility dolls which, across the continent, are created for young girls to play with and as a charm to ensure fertility in women; their shape and costume vary according to region and custom. The collection is composed of a series of six unique stools/tables editions, realized in cast bronze with bespoke colored oxidations and ceramic.

STUDIO DRIFT, IN 20 STEPS, 2015/2016
Glass, bronze, electronics, and wire
Generously supported by the Consulate General of the Netherlands in New York
Pier 94: Champagne Lounge

In 20 Steps is a tribute to the eternal human desire to fly, despite its impossibility. This kinetic installation is constructed of 40 delicate glass wings abstractly representing the various stages of flight, from take-off to the ultimate journey. Mimicking a celestial dance, the glass reflects and refracts natural light emphasizing the fragility of the material and the natural process it aims to reproduce.

Studio Drift is an Amsterdam-based studio, founded in 2007, which creates site-specific installations and interactive sculptures that respond to and create new relationships between nature, technology and mankind. Studio Drift’s practice is inspired by the continuous attempts of humankind to deal with its limitations and desires to fully understand nature.

Studio Drift’s work has been exhibited worldwide at leading museums, fairs and institutes such as the Victoria & Albert Museum, London; World Expo Shanghai; Design Miami, Basel; Museum Boijmans van Beuningen, Rotterdam; Museum of Art and Design, New York; The Israel Museum, Jerusalem; and the Venice Biennale.