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March 5–8, 2020

Armory Live

Armory Live is a year-round program of conversations highlighting influential members of the international art community—hosted at the fair, online, and throughout New York City.

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From Investment to Connoisseurship — Debating Major Shifts in Collecting

Bringing together a diverse cast of notable art world figures, this panel will examine the question: what does it mean to be a collector today? Charting major shifts in the art market—from its global proliferation through art fairs, social media, and increasing speculation from investors—how has the notion and practice of collecting changed over the last quarter century? What are the mid- and long-term effects of these shifts, and what role does the art community at large play in cultivating connoisseurship over investment?

Moderator: Melanie Gerlis, Art Market Columnist, Financial Times

Participants: Sean Kelly, Owner, Sean Kelly; Daniel Sallick, Collector; Lisa Schiff, President and Founder, Schiff Fine Art; Pedro Barbosa, Collector; Naomi Baigell, Managing Director, Athena Art Finance

Sex, Provocation, and New York in the ’90s

Bringing together pioneering figures from the New York art world, this panel will take stock of the great American culture wars, and consider how notions of feminism, sexuality, and provocation have changed, reflecting on why (and how) New York City has remained a bastion of non-conformism through the decades.

Moderator: Sarah Douglas, Editor in Chief, ARTnews

Participants: Linda Yablonsky, Writer; Mitchell Algus, Founder and Owner, Mitchell Algus Gallery; Maura Reilly, Curator and Writer

In Conversation: peter campus and Dr. Tina Rivers Ryan

One of the first generation of video artists, peter campus has pioneered ways of using video technologies to explore topics ranging from human psychology to the natural landscape. In conjunction with the presentation of his work at The Armory Show and his first museum survey in the United States—video ergo sum, opening on March 6th at the Bronx Museum—campus will be interviewed by Dr. Tina Rivers Ryan, Assistant Curator, Albright-Knox Art Gallery, about his single-channel videos and video installations dating back to the 1970s.

Biennials Then and Now

The number of biennials has grown exponentially in the last quarter century with some 300 held annually in 2018. As they continue to proliferate, how has their relevancy and influence shifted, and what role can their unique multinationalism play in today’s geopolitical climate? Sally Tallant, The Armory Show’s 2019 Platform curator, will bring her own experience directing the Liverpool Biennial to guide this panel’s investigation into the relevancy of biennials today.

Moderator: Sally Tallant, Incoming Executive Director & President, Queens Museum

Participants: Ryan Gander, Artist; Bige Örer, Director, Istanbul Biennial; Candice Hopkins, Senior Curator, Toronto Biennial of Art

In Conversation: Lynne Cooke and Nick Mauss

Lynne Cooke, Senior Curator of Special Projects in Modern Art at the National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC, and artist Nick Mauss will use two recent major projects as a backdrop for a conversation about artistic and curatorial practice, and the relationships between vanguard art and other modes of creativity in the history of modernism. Cooke’s traveling exhibition, Outliers and American Vanguard Art examined important intersections of self-taught artists with the mainstream, and Mauss’ Transmissions, a multidisciplinary work at The Whitney Museum of American Art, explored the relationship between modernist ballet and the avant-garde visual arts in New York.

Who Gets to be American?

How has the American narrative portrayed by cultural institutions fallen short? Examining representations of race and gender through the prism of the American identity, in what ways have institutions, and the art world at large, failed or succeeded in introducing overlooked narratives into art history? This panel aims to address these questions and the methodologies being used to rewrite historical narratives, probing what aspects of the American identity remain unaddressed and overlooked.

Moderator: Charlotte Burns, Writer and Editor, In Other Words, Art Agency Partners

Participants: Antwaun Sargent, Writer; Lauren Haynes, Curator, Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art; Paul Anthony Smith, Artist

Creative Control — Criticism as Art, and Art as Criticism

“Interpretation is the revenge of the intellectual upon art,” Susan Sontag, one of America’s most astute interpreters of art, once wrote—surely with a touch of irony. But is critical thinking really an enemy of the creative spirit? Or is it precisely this friction that makes for a richer, more dynamic cultural landscape? This conversation addresses the necessity, and the limits, of both art and criticism, and how the relationship between artist and critic has evolved over time.

Moderator: Jennifer Krasinski, Senior Editor, Artforum

Participants: Rhonda Lieberman, Writer and Artist, Contributing Editor, Artforum; Carroll Dunham, Artist and Critic; Tobi Haslett, Writer and Critic

Recent Reads

Inside the Collection of Barbara and Howard Morse

Collectors Barbara and Howard Morse have quietly supported some of the most challenging and provocative artworks made over the last few decades. At their home, surrounded by contemporary artists such as Cameron Rowland, Park McArthur, and Jason Loebs, they reflect on New York in the 90s, Colin de Land's American Fine Arts, Co., and their continued and unwavering support for artists who challenge the status quo. — Interview by Audrey Rose Smith

Lisa Spellman's 303 Gallery turns 35

Lisa Spellman—a key figure in The Armory Show's founding—has spent over three decades cultivating one of the most cutting-edge gallery programs in New York. As her now-legendary 303 Gallery celebrates 35 years, she reflects on her most memorable exhibitions, what it means to support her artists, and why she's returning to the fair this year. — Interview by Audrey Rose Smith

Sally Tallant on the importance of biennials and her vision for Platform

Sally Tallant, Director of Liverpool Biennial and the 2019 Platform curator, speaks with The Armory Show about the enduring importance of biennials and her vision for Platform, the fair's celebrated projects section.

Susanne Vielmetter on opening her second Los Angeles space

Susanne Vielmetter, a stalwart of the Los Angeles art scene, goes from strength to strength as she opens a second space this fall. Vielmetter, who recently joined The Armory Show's Selection Committee, discusses the opening of her new downtown space, what The Armory Show means to her, and why consistency and innovation are the pillars of her business nearly 20 years on.

Catching up with Creative Time's Justine Ludwig

Fresh from Texas, where she led a critically celebrated program at Dallas Contemporary, Justine Ludwig speaks with The Armory Show about her new role as director of Creative Time.

Collector Paul Leong's unconventional taste

Known for his unconventional taste and adventurous acquisitions, Paul Leong is not your typical investment banker-turned-collector. Leong speaks with The Armory Show about his approach to collecting, what catches his eye, and the work that got away.

Glenn D. Lowry on MoMA's future

The Armory Show speaks with Glenn D. Lowry, Director of New York's Museum of Modern Art since 1995, to discuss his vision for the future of MoMA, and how museums must respond to the current political climate.

here for tickets to the annual Armory Party at MoMA

Beth Rudin DeWoody opens The Bunker Artspace

Known for her quick eye and keen enthusiasm for daring artworks, Beth Rudin DeWoody has gained a reputation as a career-maker for emerging artists, and a taste-maker of sorts. The Armory Show speaks with DeWoody on the occasion of opening The Bunker Artspace, a 20,000-square-foot exhibition space in West Palm Beach.

Pamela Joyner is on a mission

Perhaps no other figure today pursues collecting with the same mission-focused drive of Pamela Joyner, who for the last 20 years has focused on redressing the exclusion of Black artists in the art historical cannon. In a conversation with The Armory Show, Joyner discusses her recent publication, Four Generations, and her continued drive to collect.

Eli Broad on collecting for the future

The Armory Show speaks with Eli Broad–Los Angeles collector, philanthropist and city advocate–on collecting for the future.

Agnes Gund's lifetime of philanthropy

The Armory Show speaks with Agnes Gund, American philanthropist, collector and President Emerita of MoMA, on her new initiative Art for Justice and her lifetime of philanthropy.

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Focus | Artist Thorsten Brinkmann transformed @pablosbirthday’s booth in the Focus section, creating a mixed media installation from found objects to complement his portraits. • • Photo by Jimi Billingsley, courtesy the artist and Pablo’s Birthday. #TheArmoryShow2019 #TheArmoryShow #PablosBirthday #ThorstenBrinkman #foundobjects
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Focus | Artist Thorsten Brinkmann transformed Pablo’s Birthday’s booth, creating a mixed media installation from fo…
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Galleries | “Two Immovable Heads,” a sculpture by Mark Manders, was presented at #TheArmoryShow2019 by original Gramercy International Art Fair exhibitor @tanyabonakdargallery. • • Image courtesy the artist and Tanya Bonakdar Gallery. #TheArmoryShow2019 #TheArmoryShow #TanyaBonakdarGallery #MarkManders #sculpture
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Galleries | “Two Immovable Heads,” a sculpture by Mark Manders, was presented at #TheArmoryShow2019 by original Gra…
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Galleries | Claude Viallat's signature style has created a decisive visual identity. "1991/102" (1991) was presented by @ceysson_benetiere at the fair, whose booth spotlighted the French painter. • • Photo © Aurélien Mole, courtesy of Ceysson and Bénétière #TheArmoryShow2019 #TheArmoryShow #claudeviallat #ceyssonbenetiere #fabric
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Galleries | Claude Viallat's signature style has created a decisive visual identity. "1991/102" (1991) was presente…
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Focus | Galería Curro devoted their Focus booth at #TheArmoryShow2019 to Octavio Abúndez. Pictured here is a detail…
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2018 Videos

The Armory Show in Motion

Revisit highlights from The Armory Show 2018, including the 198 participating galleries, special artist projects, and curated sections. 

Artist Talk | Carolee Schneemann

Kenneth White, Faculty of Curatorial Studies at the Whitney Museum of American Art Independent Study Program (ISP) and Guest Faculty of Film History at Sarah Lawrence College, in conversation with Carolee Schneemann, Artist

Pioneering performance artist Carolee Schneemann joins Kenneth White, Faculty of Curatorial Studies at the Whitney Museum of American Art Independent Study Program (ISP) and Guest Faculty of Film History at Sarah Lawrence College, for a conversation reflecting on her six-decades of artistic practice, hosted during the final days of her widely celebrated MoMA PS1 retrospective.

Art of Influence | Defining New Cultural Capitals

Pulane Kingston, Collector and Advisory Board Member, Zeitz MOCAA; Ahmed Mater; Artist and Director of the Misk Art Institute; Catherine Petitgas, Collector and Philanthropist, Chair, Tate International Council; Thibault Poutrel, Collector and Philanthropist

This panel explores the evolving role of museums and collectors in shaping an increasingly globalized art world. Panelists will address the rapid growth of new cultural centers, navigating the competing demands of local and global communities, and the nuanced role of the patron in contemporary society.

Artist Talk | JR and Jeffrey Deitch

Matthew Israel, Curator at Large, Artsy, in conversation with Jeffrey Deitch, Gallerist and Curator, and JR, Artist

On the occasion of his new project with The Armory Show, JR, the Academy Award nominated and politically engaged artist joins Gallerist and curator Jeffrey Deitch, in conversation with Artsy’s Curator at Large, Matthew Israel.

Collapsing Structures

Simon Castets, Director, Swiss Institute; Michy Marxuach, Editor and Curator; Laura Raicovich, Independent Curator, Carlos Motta, Artist

In a conversation between a dynamic group of cultural practitioners, this panel will address paradoxical conditions for political resistance and explore the Latino and Latin-American artists whose work attempts to dismantle this apparatus of economic and cultural control.

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Artist Talk | Leonardo Drew and Ja'Tovia Gary

Jen Mergel, Vice President, the Association of Art Museum Curators, former Senior Curator for Contemporary Art, the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, in conversation with Leonardo Drew, Artist and Ja'Tovia Gary, Filmmaker

Artist Leonardo Drew, known for his large-scale sculptures of accumulations of found objects, joins documentarian and filmmaker Ja'Tovia Gary in discussion with Platform curator Jen Mergel, Vice President, the Association of Art Museum Curators and former Senior Curator for Contemporary Art, the Museum of Fine Arts.

Consolidation and Innovation | The Future of the Gallery Model

Evan C. Beard, National Art Services Executive, US Trust; Marianne Boesky, Owner and Founder, Marianne Boesky Gallery; Andrea Danese, Co-founder and CEO, Athena Art Finance; Marguerite Hoffman, Collector; Wendy Olsoff, Cofounder, P.P.O.W Gallery

This panel addresses how the art market at large can help support mid-level galleries, and what changes need to come about to do so. Bringing together a diverse group of voices from across the industry, these experts and insiders will discuss innovation, consolidation and what the future of the gallery model really looks like.

Artist Talk | Hermann Nitsch

Robert C. Morgan, Writer and Artist, in conversation with Hermann Nitsch, Artist

Hermann Nitsch, Austrian avant-garde artist and cult provocateur, joins writer and artist Robert C. Morgan for a wide-ranging conversation on Nitsch's five decade career.

Artist Talk | Constant Dullaart And Matt Goerzen

Chrissie Iles, Anne and Joel Ehrenkranz Curator, the Whitney Museum of American Art, in conversation with Constant Dullaart, Artist; and Matt Goerzen, Researcher

Dutch conceptual artist Constant Dullaart joins researcher Matt Goerzen in a conversation on the technological structures that inform modern visual culture with Chrissie Iles, Anne and Joel Ehrenkranz Curator, the Whitney Museum of American Art.