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March 5–8, 2020

Biennials Then and Now

Saturday, March 9, 2019 1:00 PM

Armory Live Theater on Pier 94
Panel Discussion

The number of biennials has grown exponentially in the last quarter century with some 300 held annually in 2018. As they continue to proliferate, how has their relevancy and influence shifted, and what role can their unique multinationalism play in today’s geopolitical climate? Sally Tallant, The Armory Show’s 2019 Platform curator, will bring her own experience directing the Liverpool Biennial to guide this panel’s investigation into the relevancy of biennials today.

Moderator: Sally Tallant, Incoming Executive Director & President, Queens Museum

Participants: Ryan Gander, Artist; Bige Örer, Director, Istanbul Biennial; Candice Hopkins, Senior Curator, Toronto Biennial of Art

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“From five minds of great vision (The Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King disassembled and reassembled to conjure resting places in the public realm), 2018” Five benches made for the public realm, from dissecting and reassembling notable British Brutalist buildings into giant concrete polyhedral dissection puzzles. Photography by Rob Battersby. Image by Rob Battersby. The Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King, Liverpool, UK Courtesy of the artist. Ryan Gander ©