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March 5–8, 2020   Piers 90 and 94


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Nora Burnett Abrams on her vision for Perspectives, the fair's newest section

The Armory Show's newest exhibitor section, Perspectives, is devoted to recontextualizing 20th century artworks. Here, inaugural curator Nora Burnett Abrams reveals how her vision for Perspectives will present fresh viewpoints on the past.

Inside the Collection of Barbara and Howard Morse

Collectors Barbara and Howard Morse have quietly supported some of the most challenging and provocative artworks made over the last few decades. At their home, surrounded by contemporary artists such as Cameron Rowland, Park McArthur, and Jason Loebs, they reflect on New York in the 90s, Colin de Land's American Fine Arts, Co., and their continued and unwavering support for artists who challenge the status quo.

Lisa Spellman's 303 Gallery turns 35

Lisa Spellman—a key figure in The Armory Show's founding—has spent over three decades cultivating one of the most cutting-edge gallery programs in New York. As her now-legendary 303 Gallery celebrates 35 years, she reflects on her most memorable exhibitions, what it means to support her artists, and why she's returning to the fair this year.

Sally Tallant on the importance of biennials and her vision for Platform

Sally Tallant, Director of Liverpool Biennial and the 2019 Platform curator, speaks with The Armory Show about the enduring importance of biennials and her vision for Platform, the fair's celebrated projects section.

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Susanne Vielmetter on opening her second Los Angeles space

Susanne Vielmetter, a stalwart of the Los Angeles art scene, goes from strength to strength as she opens a second space this fall. Vielmetter, who recently joined The Armory Show's Selection Committee, discusses the opening of her new downtown space, and why consistency and innovation are the pillars of her business nearly 20 years on.

Catching up with Creative Time's Justine Ludwig

Fresh from Texas, where she led a critically celebrated program at Dallas Contemporary, Justine Ludwig speaks with The Armory Show about her new role as director of Creative Time.

Collector Paul Leong's unconventional taste

Known for his unconventional taste and adventurous acquisitions, Paul Leong is not your typical investment banker-turned-collector. Leong speaks with The Armory Show about his approach to collecting, what catches his eye, and the work that got away.

Glenn D. Lowry on MoMA's future

The Armory Show speaks with Glenn D. Lowry, Director of New York's Museum of Modern Art since 1995, to discuss his vision for the future of MoMA, and how museums must respond to the current political climate.

Beth Rudin DeWoody opens The Bunker Artspace

Known for her quick eye and keen enthusiasm for daring artworks, Beth Rudin DeWoody has gained a reputation as a career-maker for emerging artists, and a taste-maker of sorts. The Armory Show speaks with DeWoody on the occasion of opening The Bunker Artspace, a 20,000-square-foot exhibition space in West Palm Beach.

Pamela Joyner is on a mission

Perhaps no other figure today pursues collecting with the same mission-focused drive of Pamela Joyner, who for the last 20 years has focused on redressing the exclusion of Black artists in the art historical cannon. In a conversation with The Armory Show, Joyner discusses her recent publication, Four Generations, and her continued drive to collect.

Eli Broad on collecting for the future

Eli Broad–Los Angeles collector, philanthropist and city advocate–on collecting for the future.

Agnes Gund's lifetime of philanthropy

Agnes Gund, American philanthropist, collector and President Emerita of MoMA, on her new initiative Art for Justice and her lifetime of philanthropy.