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1 week ago
Regram | "A new museum due to open on 21 April in the Congolese forest aims to “repatriate” the white cube space. Built on a former palm oil plantation of the English-Dutch company Unilever, a major sponsor of museums in the UK and the Netherlands, the White Cube is part of the Lusanga International Research Centre for Art and Economic Inequality in the Democratic Republic of Congo," writes @theartnewspaper.offical. At this past #ArmoryShow, curator Jarrett Gregory presented 12 solo artist projects in #Focus - among them were sculptures by the local art cooperative Cercle d’art des travailleurs de Plantation Congolaise (CATPC), a collective of plantation artists who co-founded the research center and currently have an exhibition at @sculpturecenter in Long Island City.
1 week ago
Regram | @jeanmosler photographs this #DanielRich work at #TheArmoryShow2017. See more from our global community - explore #TheArmoryShow2017 and #thearmoryshow and share your own memories for a chance to be featured!
1 week ago
Regram |"El arte te transforma" - @veoarte captures Aicon Gallery's booth and this exquisite work by @anilaagha at #TheArmoryShow2017. Tag #thearmoryshow and #TheArmoryShow2017 for a chance to be featured as part of our global, social community.
2 weeks ago
In honor of #InternationalWomensDay, here is a work by Ana Mendieta, (Untitled (from the Silueta Series)) from 1976 at Richard Saltoun Gallery, which presented a selection of photographs by female artist during last week's Armory Show.