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September 8-11, 2022   Javits Center
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Massimo De Carlo

Booth 412


Tomoo Gokita
Rob Priutt


Carla Accardi
Doug Aitken
Carl Andre
John Armleder
Massimo Bartolini
Gianfranco Baruchello
Sanford Biggers
Mcarthur Binion
Alghiero Boetti
Jordan Casteel
Maurizio Cattelan
Monster Chetwynd
Steven Claydon
Dan Colen
Caleb Considine
Elmgreen & Dragset
Urs Fischer
Roland Flexner
Gunther Forg
Aaron Garber Maikovska
Tomoo Gokita
Thomas Grunfeld
Jennifer Guidi
Karin Gulbran
Jim Hodges
Carsten Holler
Christian Holstad
Jessie Homer French
Jamian Juliano Villani
Johannes Kahrs
Dennis Kardon
Lee Kit
Elad Lassry
Bertrand Lavier
Tony Lewis
Nate Lowman
Matthew Monahan
Olivier Mosset
Matt Mullican
Luigi Ontani
Yan Pei-Ming
Diego Perrone
Paola Pivi
Rob Pruitt
Xu Qu
Pietro Roccasalva
Brian Rochefort
Jim Shaw
Josh Smith

Founded in Milan in 1987, Massimo De Carlo gallery has played a vital role in establishing a dialogue between its artists and institutions, for over 30 years. The artists represented on MDC’s roster have all gained international acclaim and recognition; and their works are widely collected in public and private collections.
In 2009 Massimo De Carlo opened a new space in central London. As well as working with the historically represented artists, the London gallery has focused on emerging American artists.
In 2016, after many years of operating in Asia, MDC opened a new gallery in Hong Kong. In the same year, MDC opened a second space in the centre of Milan, in Palazzo Belgioioso. The palazzo that houses the gallery space was ultimated in 1787 by Francesco Piermarini, who designed the Teatro Alla Scala, and is largely responsible for the renaissance of neo-classical architecture in Milan.
In March 2019, MDC inaugurated its new main Milan exhibition space on the floor of Casa Corbellini- Wassermann, with a group show celebrating the architecture and history of the building. It is located in an extraordinary 20th-Century building conceived and realized by the Italian architect Piero Portaluppi.
In April 2020, MDC announced the opening of a new space, its fifth globally: Massimo De Carlo Virtual Space (later referred as VSpace). Massimo De Carlo Virtual Space is the first virtual space of its kind in the art world: constructed with the newest technologies, VSpace is a complete immersive walkable experience that any viewer can enjoy through our website or through your Oculus glasses hardware. Moreover, because of its digital identity, the VSpace is completely flexible and adaptable to any exhibition scenario: it is the first space that depends upon the works of art, and not vice versa.
In 2020 Massimo De Carlo will open a new concept gallery in Paris named Massimo De Carlo Pièce Unique.

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