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September 8-11, 2022   Javits Center
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Galeria Lume

Booth 224
Ana Vitoria Mussi


Ana Vitoria Mussi


Claudio Alvarez
Roger Ballen
Julio Bittencourt
Lucas Dupin
Claudio Edinger
Renata Egreja
Alberto Ferreira
Anaisa Franco
Osvaldo Gaia
Gabriella Garcia
Amalia Giacomini
Kilian Glasner
Luiz Hermano
Maré de Matos
Ana Vitoria Mussi
Carlos Nader
Mame-Diarra Niang
Gal Oppido
Martin Parr
Florian Raiss
Bruno Vilela

Lume was founded in 2011 seeking to foster and encourage the development of contemporary creative processes alongside their artists and guest curators.

Headed by Paulo Kassab Jr. and Victoria Zuffo, the gallery dedicates itself to breaking down boundaries between different artistic languages, operating through a bold and unique model that reinforces the role of the city of São Paulo as a cultural hub and creative effervescence center.

The gallery represents a select group of artists, both established and emergent, dedicated to the introduction of artistic thinking in all of its mediums, aiming national and international audiences, through a plural exhibition program associated with ideas that inspire and promote critical reflections about the contemporary world. Lume is also focused on the dialog between the production of its artists and museums, institutions and relevant art collections.

Its active and organic presence in the circuit collaborates with the diffusion of the gallery's propositions among the most important current art fairs in the world, apart from its participation and attendance in evolving alternative art fairs. Lume receives lectures, performances, seminars and artistic presentations in various natures. As a space of reflection and debate, it is also committed with the production of catalogues and issuing research material as a record of the gallery's activities.

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