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September 8-11, 2022   Javits Center
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Galerie Oniris

Armory Online Exclusive
Vera Molnar
Interstices, dispute de 8 triangles (Interstices, argument of 8 triangles)


Vera Molnar


Pierre Antoniucci
Geneviève Asse
Ode Bertrand
Christian Bonnefoi
Frédéric Bouffandeau
Alain Clément
Philippe Cognée
Odile Decq
Joël Denot
Norman Dilworth
Gerhard Doehler
Soo-Kyoung Lee
Joanie Lemercier
Didier Mencoboni
Vera Molnar
François Morellet
Guillaume Moschini
Aurelie Nemours
François Perrodin
Olivier Petiteau
Jean-Pierre Pincemin
Yves Popet
Carole Rivalin
Marie-Thérèse Vacossin
Claude Viallat

Opened since September 1986 with an exhibition by François Morellet, the Oniris gallery has become, over time, one of the essential places for contemporary art in the western part of France.
For more than three decades, the history of the Oniris gallery reveals the particular attention given to the study of contemporary art in the field of abstraction - through painting, drawing and sculpture - with a basic philosophy: to regularly exhibit the recent works of a group of about thirty nationally- and internationally-recognized artists and others to be re/discovered.
Established in Rennes for nearly 35 years, Oniris has built a solid reputation thanks to the successive presentations of its artists that the gallery invites every 2-3 years for a solo exhibition thanks to the 5 to 8 exhibitions open to the public in its two exhibition spaces.
Far from its base, the Oniris gallery has regularly participated in international contemporary art fairs for more than 25 years in Paris and abroad (Germany, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, and USA).
Since 2012, Florent Paumelle has been running the gallery with a concern to respect the relationship between the work of established artists and that of a young generation of emerging artists who share a common conceptual language.

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