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September 8-11, 2022   Javits Center
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Whitestone Gallery

Booth 229
Tsuyoshi Maekawa
Untitled 170904


Tsuyoshi Maekawa


Etsu Egami
Yuxing Huang
Yukihisa Isobe
Miao Jiang
Inokuma Katsuyoshi
Miwa Komatsu
Tsuyoshi Maekawa
Tetsuo Mizu
Sadamasa Motonaga
Yuko Nasaka
Shozo Shimamoto
Kazuo Shiraga
Chris Succo
Yasuo Sumi
Kuwayama Tadaaki
Atsuko Tanaka
Chiyu Uemae
Ronald Ventura
Yongliang Yang
Jiro Yoshihara
Inoue Yuichi

Founded in the heart of Tokyo in 1967, Whitestone Gallery has been one of the pioneering galleries in Japanese
modern and contemporary art scenes, with current exhibition spaces in Tokyo, Karuizawa, Hong Kong, and
Taipei. In 2012, Karuizawa New Art Museum was opened to expand our scope to include academic research in
addition to gallery’s representing artists and collections. Followed by the first space that was opened in Hong
Kong in 2015, the Taipei space was opened in April, 2017, inviting Kengo Kuma—renowned architect for designing
the Tokyo 2020 National Olympic Stadium, to be in charge of the space. Furthermore, in spring 2018, we opened
the two-floored big exhibition spaces consisting of both modern and contemporary art sections in the Art
complex “HK H Queen’s”.
Whitestone Gallery embraces artistic freedom and innovation as we strive to promote important Japanese post-war and contemporary artists to the world. Amongst the artists that Whitestone Gallery represents, we maintain
the closest bond with the core members of “Gutai Art Association” formed in the post-war era in Osaka, Japan.
These artists include the founding members of “Gutai” such as Shozo Shimamoto and Yasuo Sumi, and the still-active artists such as Chiyu Uemae, Yuko Nasaka, Tsuyoshi Maekawa, Shuji Mukai, etc. In recent years,
Whitestone Gallery Japan had also been participating in major international art fairs including the Armory Show
in New York, bringing our artists to Moscow, Cologne, London and Rio de Janeiro and returning with positive
feedback. With the completion of several bases in Asia, Whitestone Gallery looks forward to achieving our global
vision in the near future.

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