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September 8-11, 2022   Javits Center

Diana Al-Hadid

Phantom Limb


Curator's Statement

Diana Al-Hadid draws on classical aesthetics to create sculptures that teeter between ruin and regeneration, erosion and growth. Her work, Phantom Limb (2014), presented by Galleri Brandstrup (Oslo), features a truncated female body sans arms or legs atop a structure that merges elements of landscape and architecture. With its title referring to the sensations that are felt in the event of an amputation in which a missing body part is felt as still being present and able to move, it reframes a bodily experience of lack and loss in terms of a cultural event that speaks to the lingering effects of a form of historical conditioning in the process of becoming undone.

About the Artist

Syrian-born and Brooklyn-based artist Diana Al-Hadid is renowned for her lofty sculptures, wall pieces and surreal bronzes that appear to be in a state of ruin, a place between creation and destruction. Her practice spans media and scale and examines the historical frameworks and perspectives that shape our material and cultural assumptions. Al-Hadid’s sculptures, panel works, and works on paper are built up with layers of material and history. Inspired by myriad sources including historical architecture, Hellenistic sculpture, progressing science, myths and works by the old masters, her pieces can look like renderings from a fantasy world. Her rich, formal allusions across cultures and disciplines, drawing inspiration, not only from the history of distant civilizations but also from histories of the materials themselves. Al-Hadid’s work is intricate studies of space and structure in which the viewer is continually reengaging the work through its constant shift and flow of perspectives.