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September 8-11, 2022   Javits Center
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Booth P1
Ryan Johnson
Large Wounded Bird


Bernhard Buhmann
Ryan Johnson


Bernhard Buhmann
Lindsay Burke
Matthew Chambers
Anneke Eussen
Ridley Howard
Anthony Iacono
Ryan Johnson
Elaine Reichek
Kianja Strobert
Alessandro Teoldi
Tracy Thomason
Brad Troemel
Ian Tweedy
Johannes VanDerBeek
Phoebe Washburn
Patrice Renee Washington
Hannah Whitaker

Marinaro Gallery opened in February 2017 in a second floor space on the Lower East Side. In September 2017 the gallery moved to a three-floor space in Chinatown. The new space allows for a range of exhibition options in three distinct spaces. The ground floor is built out in a traditional white box manner while the two lower floors have exposed stone and brick, which have allowed artists to push creative boundaries and interact with different architectural elements. The gallery has put on a diverse exhibition program of emerging and mid-career artists with works across all mediums. From showing new mixed media textile works by Jeff Perrone, an influential writer and participant of the Pattern and Decoration movement (reviewed in ArtForum) to exhibiting immaculate paintings by Ridley Howard (reviewed by the New York Times) to creating an immersive and interactive installation of sculpture, wall works and a hologram for a Halloween exhibition, the gallery aims to give artists freedom in their production of works and represent artists from all medias. The exhibitions have been reviewed in many publications including The New York Times, Art Forum,Modern Painters, The New Yorker, and The Brooklyn Rail. The gallery has participated in numerous fairs including The Armory Show, EXPO Chicago, NADA Miami and Frieze New York.

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