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September 8-11, 2022   Javits Center
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Booth P22
Hayley Barker
Riverwood 2


Hayley Barker


Hayley Barker
Hawkins Bolden
David Butler
Casey Cook
Andy Diaz
Minnie Evans
Matthew F Fisher
Sybil Gibson
Bernard Gilardi
Willie Jinks
Frank Jones
Marina Kappos
Julie Mauskop
Walter Mika
Ike Morgan
Sister Gertrude Morgan
Rob Ober
Jon Serl
Mary T. Smith
Yves Tessier
Bill Traylor
Timothy Wehrle
Billy White

SHRINE focuses on discovering and exhibiting emerging contemporary and self-taught artists, and also presenting the works of under-recognized Outsider artists and global art brut.

The gallery’s founding mission was to highlight and advocate for self-taught artists such as Hawkins Bolden, who was left completely blind at the age of seven following an accident, and who later in life constructed scarecrow assemblages by touch to protect his small vegetable garden. The exhibition program quickly evolved to include up-and-coming contemporary artists, such as Hayley Barker, whose recent (and first) NYC solo-exhibition at SHRINE was highlighted in a two-page Artforum review. The gallery also organizes ambitious group shows with dynamic installations that integrate both of these distinct, but intertwined, art worlds.

Other recent gallery highlights include a collaboration with Maurizio Cattelan to present the work of Wisconsin self-taught painter, Bernard Gilardi, recreating the Southern artist Most Tolliver’s bright-colored, art-filled bedroom (complete with furniture and an obsessive installation of paintings), and the transformation of the entire gallery space into a living garden.

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