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September 9-12, 2021   Javits Center

Denny Dimin Gallery

Pier 90, Booth F1
Presenting: Amir H. Fallah
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Gallery Artists

  • Scott Anderson
  • Brent Birnbaum
  • Jeremy Couillard
  • Jessie Edelman
  • Sean Fader
  • Amir H. Fallah
  • Justine Hill
  • Emily Noelle Lambert
  • Michael Mandiberg
  • Matt Mignanelli
  • Erin O'Keefe
  • Future Retrieval
  • Ann Shelton
  • Dana Sherwood
  • Jordan Tate
  • Amanda Valdez
  • Paula Wilson
  • Andy Woll

Project Description

Amir H. Fallah explores duality and subjectivity through the traditional conventions of portraiture. Fallah’s paintings mask his subjects’ physical characteristics by covering them with fabric and imposing a standardized skin tone, a reference to the expectation of immigrants to assimilate into the culture of a new country. This presentation includes a new suite of paintings, “A Hybrid Heart”, alongside a sound installation comprised of voices presenting different perspectives on identity, and a new stained-glass sculpture.

Les Diner De Gala
Amir H. Fallah

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