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September 9-12, 2021   Javits Center

Inman Gallery

Pier 90, Booth F10
Presenting: Jamal Cyrus
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Gallery Artists

  • Charis Ammon
  • David Aylsworth
  • Amy Blakemore
  • Jamal Cyrus
  • Karin Davie
  • Gilad Efrat
  • Carlee Fernandez
  • Tommy Fitzpatrick
  • Angela Fraleigh
  • Dana Frankfort
  • Francesca Fuchs
  • Emily Joyce
  • Dorothy Antoinette (Toni) LaSelle
  • Michael Jones McKean
  • Katrina Moorhead
  • Linarejos Moreno
  • Yuko Murata
  • Kristin Musgnug
  • Shaun O'Dell
  • Demetrius Oliver
  • Jim Richard
  • Dario Robleto
  • Robert Ruello
  • Jason Salavon
  • Sigrid Sandström
  • Beth Secor
  • Marc Swanson
  • Brad Tucker
  • Jana Vander Lee
  • Darren Waterston

Project Description

Altered album cover collages create the storefront façade of the fictional independent label, Pride Records, an ongoing project by Jamal Cyrus since 2005. Cyrus appropriates record covers as a means to speak on the democratic role of oral history in social movements, while contrasting these works with manipulated historical documents that reference the suppression of political consciousness.

Pride Frieze—Jerry White's Record Shop, Central Avenue, Los Angeles
Jamal Cyrus

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