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September 9-12, 2021   Javits Center

Walter Maciel Gallery

Pier 90, Booth F4
Presenting: Lezley Saar
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Gallery Artists

  • Barry Anderson
  • John Bankston
  • Carolyn Castaño
  • Freddy Chandra
  • Colin Doherty
  • Doug Hall
  • Cynthia Ona Innis
  • John Jurayj
  • Andy Kolar
  • Hung Liu
  • Brendan Lott
  • Greg Mocilnikar
  • Dean Monogenis
  • Timothy Paul Myers
  • Rachael Neubauer
  • Maria E. Piñeres
  • Pepa Prieto
  • Robb Putnam
  • Lezley Saar
  • Nike Schröder
  • Katherine Sherwood
  • Lisa Solomon
  • Jil Weinstock
  • Dana Weiser

Project Description

Lezley Saar creates portraits of multi-ethnic, fictional characters placed in Victorian or Edwardian era settings. Often accompanied by an intricate, and sometimes puzzling, assortment of objects, these surreal portraits create unexpected narratives about cultural, ethnic, and gender identity.

Lezley Saar

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