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September 9-12, 2021   Javits Center

Marc Straus

Pier 90, Booth F30
Presenting: Anne Samat
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Gallery Artists

  • Thomas Bangsted
  • Sinéad Breslin
  • Micheal Brown
  • Sandro Chia
  • Chris Jones
  • Otis Jones
  • Folkert de Jong
  • Anna Leonhardt
  • Hermann Nitsch
  • Jong Oh
  • Rona Pondick
  • Paul Pretzer
  • Ulf Puder
  • Margaret Loy Pula
  • Carlos Quintana
  • Anne Samat
  • Antonio Santín
  • Jeanne Silverthorne
  • Clive Smith
  • Zlatan Vehabović
  • Paul Waldman
  • Marie Watt
  • Entang Wiharso

Project Description

Anne Samat’s textile wall hangings and sculptures are layered with yarn entwined with beads and found objects, woven through rattan sticks and hung from garden rakes, giving them the resemblance of birds of prey or warriors from South East Asian folklore. These works have an anthropomorphic sensibility and are in many ways extensions of the artist and her familial relationships, and explore themes of identity, gender, and consumerism.

Greatest Love (Che Yah)
Anna Samat

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