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September 9-12, 2021   Javits Center


Pier 90, Booth F8
Presenting: Louise Giovanelli, Laura Lancaster
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Gallery Artists

  • Simeon Barclay
  • Eric Bainbridge
  • Marcus Coates
  • Jo Coupe
  • Jacob Dahlgren
  • Jennifer Douglas
  • Louise Giovanelli
  • Joel Kyack
  • Laura Lancaster
  • Mike Pratt
  • Matt Stokes

Project Description

Louise Giovanelli makes complex paintings that refer to art history and contemporary mechanics of viewing and consuming imagery. Images gleaned from historical painting are cropped, repeated and layered, leaving them dislocated from their origin and repositioned within a rhizomatic sequence of works. Laura Lancaster transposes discarded photographs of strangers into an ambiguous territory between abstraction and figuration. Shifting between the sentimental and the grotesque, she relocates the frame to a place of collective memory. Both artists are concerned with the mediation and re-staging of found imagery to address complex issues relating to the image, its origin and multiplicity in a post-real world.

Laura Lancaster

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