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September 9-12, 2021   Javits Center

Zürcher Gallery

Pier 90, Booth F11
Presenting: Matt Bollinger, Kyle Staver
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Gallery Artists

  • Regina Bogat
  • Matt Bollinger
  • Tom Doyle
  • Alix Le Méléder
  • Kazuko Miyamoto
  • Pushpamala N
  • Huang Rui
  • Kyle Staver
  • Lynn Umlauf
  • Merrill Wagner

Project Description

Kyle Staver works with mythological and biblical texts, bringing an irreverent and humorous slant to canonical subjects like Prometheus, the Temptation of St. Anthony, and David and Goliath. Matt Bollinger integrates painting, sculpture, and stop-motion animation to weave stories about fictional characters, their domestic environments, and disorientation of place.

Venus and the Octopus
Kyle Staver

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