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September 9-12, 2021   Javits Center

Trulee Hall

Eves' Mime Ménage and SexyTime Rock Variations

Presented by Maccarone West
Location: West End
Pier 94
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Curator's Statement

Embracing outlandish abundance and absurdity, Trulee Hall explores gender roles and the expectations placed upon women in a society still rampant with sexism and misogyny. Featuring the videos SexyTime Rock Variations and Eves’ Mime Ménage, which combine claymation, CGI, and live-action, the installation also includes paintings by the artist. Described by one critic as “American Grotesque,” Hall takes up the hyper-sexualization of the female body in our culture with equal parts perverse humor and genuine shock at the state of affairs when it comes to female empowerment. The installation is fantastical and uncanny, pointing to how ludicrous our inability to move beyond heteronormative gender roles really is.

About the Artist

Trulee Hall (b. 1976, Atlanta) presents a surreal ouvre representing motifs of the domestic, the decorative, and the erotic. The artist’s creative practice spans video, sculpture, painting, composed soundtrack, kinetic mechanics, and choreographed dance. Hall integrates these mediums into immersive, room-like installations that offer multiple representations of a non-narrative visual subject, and thereby challenge prescribed notions of viewing. These constructed scenarios are intended to be both inviting and disorienting. Hall’s humorous, uncanny analogues propose an unorthodox perspective on sexuality; the unabashed feminine form which assumes both dominant and submissive roles, often turning the female gaze onto itself.