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March 7–10, 2019 Piers 92 & 94

The Armory Show Centennial Committee

The Committee recognizes the support and long standing commitment of a group of leading American and international collectors.

Diane L. Ackerman, New York
Patricia Asbaek, Copenhagen
Nora and Guy Barron, Detroit
Lawrence B. Benenson, New York
Jill and Jay Bernstein, New York
Peter M. Brant, Greenwich
Kathleen and Laing Brown, Vancouver
Hugo Brown, Den Haag
Laura Lee Brown and Steve Wilson, Louisville
Richard Chang, Beijing, CHINA/ New York
Antonio Michele Coppola, Vicenza
Bilge and Haro Cumbusyan, London/Istanbul
Charles Danziger, New York
Thomas C. Danziger, New York
Beth Rudin DeWoody, New York
Zoë and Joel P. Dictrow, New York
Beth Dozoretz, Washington D.C.
Renée and Bob Drake, Wassenaar
Ross Evangelista, New York
Luise Faurschou, Copenhagen
Milton Fine, Pittsburgh
Susan L. and Arthur Fleischer Jr., New York
Shelley and Vincent Fremont, New York
Sirje Helder and Michael O. Gold, New York
Susan Goodman and Rodney Lubeznik, Michigan City
Linda and Paul Gotskind, Chicago
Florence and Daniel Guerlain, Les Mesnuls/Paris
Agnes Gund, New York
Kathy and Steve Guttman, New York
Amy and Ronald Guttman, New York
Heike and Axel Herberg, Dusseldorf
Jane Holzer, New York
Susan and Michael Hort, New York
Sue Hostetler, New York
Caroline and Björn Isenhöferr, Dusseldorf
Elizabeth Szancer Kujawski, New York
Barbara and Aaron Levine, Washington D.C.

Gregory R. Miller and Dr. Michael Wiener, New York
Jarl and Pamela Mohn, Los Angeles
Barbara and Howard Morse, New York
Wendi Murdoch, New York
Suzanne E. Murphy, New York
Anne and William Palmer, New York
Irene Panagopoulos, Athens
Willem Peppler, Lugano
Amy and John Phelan, New York
Tony Podesta, Washington D.C.
Donna and Robert Poile, Toronto
Judy and Ken Robins, Denver
Aby and Samantha Rosen, New York
Kathy and Keith Sachs, Philadelphia
Eugene Sadovoy, Los Angeles
Pamela and Arthur Sanders, Greenwich
Reinhard Schlegel, Berlin
Alain Servais, Brussels
Carole Server and Oliver Frankel, New York
Vivienne Sharpe, Woollahra
Babette and Harvey Snyder, Philadelphia
Ana Sokoloff, New York, NY, USA/ Bogota
Jennifer Stockman, New York
Sue Stoffel, New York, NY
Benedikt Taschen, Los Angeles
John L. Thomson, New York
Karin and Christoph Thun-Hohenstein, Vienna
Susanne van Hagen, Paris
Sandra and Herbert von Halem, Cologne
John Waters, Baltimore
Thea Westreich Wagner, New York
Martina Yamin, New York
Anita and Poju Zabludowicz, London