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September 9-12, 2021   Javits Center

Andreas Angelidakis

Donation Drive

Presented by The Breeder
Location: Central Lounge
Pier 92
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Curator's Statement

Donation Drive (2019) by Andreas Angelidakis is a performative, value-exchange protocol benefiting public schools in need. Equipment and tools requested by teachers from charities dedicated to the provision of school supplies are assembled into a sculptural installation and tagged with art certificates. Potential collectors at the fair are encouraged to buy parts of the installation as a donation. As a result, the schools receive funds to buy the equipment they need, while the visitors to the fair can enjoy purchasing part of an installation for the price of an educational object. If a collector decides not to keep the actual artwork, it will be donated to the schools.

Presented by The Breeder.

About the Artist

Andreas Angelidakis (b. 1968, Athens) tries to make sense of where we are and how we got here. His work emerges from the experience of being in place: in Greece, in climate change, in architecture, in psychoanalysis, in the internet, in a body. Angelidakis addresses the question of site specificity at a time when to be in one place is to be already in several others. Whether it’s history or archaeology, or even an imagined future, Angelidakis' work blurs the boundaries between memory and hallucination, between fiction and reality. Trained as an architect, his practice has evolved to include that of artist, exhibition maker and curator. He uses exhibitions as a medium in itself, a lens through which to re-examine the work and the world around it.