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September 9-12, 2021   Javits Center

Jessica Stockholder

"Dream Whip"

Presented by Kavi Gupta
Location: Central Lounge
Pier 92
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Curator's Statement

The three works presented share a reliance on objects taken from other contexts and used as “raw” material in the crafting of sculpture. "Dream Whip" (2019) is comprised of: Catapult Anime Stack, made from layering old furniture fragments, an MDF box, and topped with an array of objects plucked from a vast stream of “products” and myriad chemical formulations; Assist #1: A Cyst and Assist #2 create combustion where their metal hardware hits the prop. The Assists can also be used as a ‘base’ to display another artwork, prompting the question: how is autonomy enabled?

Presented by Kavi Gupta.

About the Artist

Jessica Stockholder (b. 1959, USA) is an internationally acclaimed visual artist and educator who lives and works in Chicago. Her public artworks have been commissioned by museums, municipalities, and corporations around the world. As an artist, Stockholder is inspired by the relationships she perceives between colors and objects in her everyday visual environment. Her work employs the visual strategies of painting, sculpture, and installation—though it also resists the limitations such terms imply. Another word sometimes used to describe what Stockholder does is “assemblage,” though that term is also not quite sufficient. Assemblage artists perceive of consumer products, manufactured objects, and industrial materials—the cast-off physical residue of human civilization—as artistic objects in themselves, or as artistic mediums equally valid as paint, stone, or glue.