Armory Spotlight The Kitchen

Explore the sounds of The Kitchen's inaugural Armory Spotlight presentation

Photo Credit Entrance to The Kitchen at 484 Broome Street. Date unknown c.1978–1981. Photograph by Patrick Hinley.

The inaugural Armory Spotlight is in partnership with The Kitchen, one of New York City’s oldest not-for-profit spaces that presents a robust, multidisciplinary program of contemporary art and performance.

On the occasion of The Kitchen's presentation for Armory Spotlight, The Kitchen turns its institutional archive outward through a presentation of live performance recordings from 1976 through 1986—originally released in the “From The Kitchen Archives” album series—within an installation of print ephemera. At the fair, a digital jukebox will feature a selection of tracks that span musical styles and movements, from experimental music under the heading of “New Music” to jazz to No Wave to rock.

Explore Selections from the albums below:

"By allowing people to revisit these recordings of groundbreaking performances at The Kitchen in a different chapter of its life, we bring to a contemporary audience the opportunity to shape new relationships with The Kitchen’s history and the history of an avant-garde New York."
- Legacy Russell
"Now, in Armory Spotlight, we see two historic points intersecting, giving us the opportunity to ask, 'Where do we go from here? And what is necessary to refuse and reimagine now?'"
- Legacy Russell