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September 8-11, 2022   Javits Center


With partnerships across New York City, Armory Off-Site expands the reach of The Armory Show with large-scale and interactive artworks in key public areas around the city—introducing international contemporary artists to a wider audience and inspiring dialogues around art. The program will launch in conjunction with The Armory Show on September 9, with several projects on display until December 2021.

The 2021 Armory Off-Site program includes:

Adventure Painting: NYC (2021)
Astor Place Plaza, South Plaza
September 9–12 (10am–6pm daily)

Artists: The Guild of Adventure Painters, led by Johnny DeFeo and Aaron Zulpo
Presented by 1969 Gallery (New York) in partnership with the Village Alliance

Joshua Tree Boulders, 2021
Aaron Zulpo
Courtesy the Guild of Adventure Painters and 1969 Gallery, New York

Adventure Paintings, 2021
Johnny DeFeo and Aaron Zulpo
Courtesy of 1969 Gallery

1969 Gallery and The Guild of Adventure Painters welcomes the public to Astor Place to watch artists paint en plein air, view an exhibition, and interact with the Guild of Adventure Painters' team.

From September 9–12, Johnny DeFeo and Aaron Zulpo, the project's organizers, will be hosting emerging and leading painters at Astor Place. Each day there will be two groups of artists: 10 AM–2 PM and 2 PM–6 PM. At the end of each day, the paintings made will be exhibited on-site and rotated by the next day's work. 

The on-site gallery is made from a customized 31-foot Airstream. Along with the paintings made on-site, the Airstream will also exhibit paintings by past attendees of the Adventure Painting Residency. This salon-style exhibition features landscapes from across America. All the paintings will be viewable without needing to enter the Airstream.

Empire and Materially Superior (both 2021)
Hudson River Park, Pier 64 at 24th Street
September 9–December 3

Artist: Katja Larsson
Presented by Aicon Contemporary (New York) in partnership with the Hudson River Park Trust

Rendering of New Neo Classics, 2021
Katja Larsson
Courtesy the artist and Aicon Contemporary, New York

Empire (texture detail), 2021
Katja Larsson
Courtesy the artist and Aicon Contemporary, New York

Katja Larsson examines words independent of their pre-coded selves and considers their natural linguistic contexts. The work, part of a series titled "New Neo Classics," presents sculptures that imbue everyday objects with a sense of the heroic or epic. Larsson reinterprets contemporary accessories as antique artifacts, offering an uncanny, heightened sense of the everyday.

Social Block (2021)
Flatiron Plaza, South Plaza at 22nd Street
September 9–November 1

Artist: Josh Callaghan
Presented by Night Gallery (Los Angeles) in partnership with the Department of Transportation Art's Program and the Flatiron/23rd Street Partnership

Installation of Social Block at Flatiron Plaza, 2021
Josh Callaghan
Photo by Nik Massey. Courtesy of the artist and Night Gallery, Los Angeles

Installation of Social Block at Night Gallery, 2021
Josh Callaghan
Courtesy of the artist and Night Gallery, Los Angeles

Cast concrete cinder blocks, one of the most ubiquitous yet largely overlooked elements of the modern human-built environment, is presented here at approximately 2.3 times normal scale. Social Block forms a new relationship to the human body at the intersection of sculpture, furniture, and architecture. Drawing from research on the interactions of crowds within public spaces, the installation is intended to provoke both social and tactile interactions. The installation will provide a site for gathering, reflection, and play, creating an alternative architecture that elevates a banal industrial subject into a humanistic setting for a city to return to one another’s company.

Untitled (AFH Installation) (2019)
Bella Abzug Park
September 9–December 3

Artists: David Cavaliero and Niyi Olagunju
Presented by TAFETA (London) in partnership with NYC Parks and the Hudson Yards Hell’s Kitchen Alliance

Untitled (AFH Installation), 2019
David Cavaliero and Niyi Olagunju
Courtesy of the artists and TAFETA, London

Untitled (AFH Installation), 2019
David Cavaliero and Niyi Olagunju
Courtesy of the artists and TAFETA, London

A collaborative project between New York-based artist David Cavaliero and Houston-based artist Niyi Olagunju, this interactive installation invites the public to identify themselves and question their passive complicity in the dysfunctional ecosystem of global trade.

Ubiquitous in international commerce, shipping pallets are arranged in a grid to reference geographical coordinates and the place of the African continent within this economic structure. When engaged with the installation, viewers are forced to confront their own image and position in this global system.