2023 Fair Sections


Galleries is the core section of The Armory Show where leading international galleries present outstanding 20th and 21st-century artworks across a range of media.


The Solo section is dedicated to intimate, single-artist presentations.


Focus is organized by an appointed curator around a theme of their choosing. Curated by Candice HopkinsFocus will be dedicated to solo- and dual-artist presentations that center on emergent and established voices whose work is often decidedly outside the mainstream, including those who draw on cultural connections to tether material, image, and form in unexpected ways.


Presents is the section for young galleries no more than ten years old to showcase recent work through solo- and dual-artist presentations.


Platform is a curated section dedicated to large-scale installations and site-specific works. Curated by Eva Respini, Platform will be dedicated to large-scale installations and site-specific works under the theme of Rewriting Histories.


Participating organizations—ranging from museums to not-for-profit galleries to art foundations—with The Armory Show, share their common desire to promote the visual arts to collectors and the general public alike.