The Armory Show Commits


The Armory Show is committed to implementing sustainable efforts in collaboration with the Javits Center, LEED Gold Certified, through decarbonization, waste diversion, and energy preservation.

The Armory Show cannot ignore the monumental challenges facing our world. Through the fair’s Corporate Social Responsibility program (CSR) established in 2023, the fair organizers continue to affirm its environmental commitments.


Before formalizing the fair’s CSR and ahead of the SEG Regulations, The Armory Show initiated an ambitious sustainable plan in 2022. Building on this, the fair’s environmental footprint strategy seeks to address greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and waste across its entire operation.

Scope 1 Emissions
The Armory Show has been working closely with the Javits Center’s experts on reducing the fair’s energy consumption.

Scope 2 Emissions
The Armory Show, its exhibitors, and all parties involved in the fair are being briefed on how to reduce their impact: cargo transportation, sailing options, and waste reduction.

Scope 3 Emissions
The Armory Show aims to establish coherent partnerships and set a goal of honoring Scope 3 by 2030.


The Armory Show is committed to decarbonizing its event by 2027 by enforcing sustainable shipping from Europe for the 2024 fair with the goal to enforce this globally by 2027. Working in close collaboration with his partners, The Armory Show explores shipping alternatives across the globe, from sea freight to wind-powered solutions. 

The Armory Show is committed to reducing waste diversion to zero by progressively producing a zero-waste event by 2027, thanks to an aggressive strategy implemented in close collaboration with the Javits Center and its partners in New York.

The Armory Show is an active member of the Galleries Climate Coalition (GCC) and supports their initiatives. To be an actor of change and to significantly reduce its impact on the environment, The Armory Show is committed to taking action by launching an eco-design program for all its decors in 2024.

For the 2024 edition, The Armory Show continues to reflect on materials and detoxification by exploring ecological alternatives across the production chain. Production teams and partners will be experimenting with new manufacturing processes, and anticipating the end of the fair’s decors.

Photo credits Julian Charrière We Are All Astronauts, 2013 Courtesy of the Artist and Sean Kelly Gallery. Photo by Jens Ziehend