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September 9-12, 2021   Javits Center

Charlie James Gallery

Pier 90, Booth F16
Presenting: Patrick Martinez, Gabriella Sanchez
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Gallery Artists

  • Sadie Barnette
  • Nancy Buchanan
  • Luke Butler
  • Daniela Comani
  • Ramiro Gomez
  • Lars Jan
  • Eske Kath
  • Nery Gabriel Lemus
  • Narsiso Martinez
  • Patrick Martinez
  • Wiliam Powhida
  • Lee Quiñones
  • Alexander Reben
  • Erika Rothenberg
  • Shizu Saldamando
  • Gabriella Sanchez

Project Description

Patrick Martinez’s mixed-media paintings use construction materials associated with working-class labor to highlight the impact of displacement and economic inequities in Los Angeles. Gabriella Sanchez explores the duality of identity by compositing disparate material elements in her paintings, challenging the viewer’s perception of truth. This dual-artist presentation will bear the imprint of Los Angeles and its visual culture, while mirroring the conflicted experiences of those living in the city in these works.

Kingdom Undone
Patrick Martinez

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