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September 9-12, 2021   Javits Center

Galerie Kornfeld

Pier 90, Booth F25
Presenting: Tezi Gabunia
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Gallery Artists

  • Tammam Azzam
  • Elvira Bach
  • Stéphane Couturier
  • Nick Dawes
  • Robert Fry
  • Farshad Farzankia
  • Tezi Gabunia
  • Hubertus Hamm
  • Natela Iankoshvili
  • Tamara Kvesitadze
  • Christopher Lehmpfuhl
  • David Meskhi
  • Susanne Roewer
  • Hubert Scheibl
  • Martin Spengler
  • Jan Tichy

Project Description

In the installation Breaking News: The Flooding of the Louvre, artist Tezi Gabunia uses a method of realistic “falsification” to trigger a dialogue about the boundaries between fact and fiction. Inspired by the laissez-faire coverage of the 2018 flooding in Paris, Gabunia’s work addresses how media often fails to portray the real impact of natural disasters and often downplays the significance of these destructive events.

Breaking news: The Flooding of the Louvre
Tezi Gabunia

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