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September 9-12, 2021   Javits Center

Tandem Press

Pier 90, Booth F12
Presenting: Derrick Adams, Mickalene Thomas
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Gallery Artists

  • Derrick Adams
  • Donald Baechler
  • Lynda Benglis
  • Richard Bosman
  • Andy Burgess
  • Suzanne Caporael
  • Squeak Carnwath
  • Robert Cottingham
  • Lesley Dill
  • Jim Dine
  • Sam Gilliam
  • Michelle Grabner
  • Richard Haas
  • Al Held
  • Ikeda Manabu
  • Robert Kelly
  • José Lerma
  • Nicola López
  • David Lynch
  • Cameron Martin
  • Maser
  • Santi Moix
  • Judy Pfaff
  • Dan Rizzie
  • Alison Saar
  • David Shapiro
  • Alan Shields
  • Joan Snyder
  • Art Spiegelman
  • Robert Stackhouse
  • Swoon
  • Mickalene Thomas

Project Description

Derrick Adams and Mickalene Thomas both utilize fragmentation to challenge the representation of Black people and culture in art and society—revealing how our individual and communal identities are formed by experience and the relationship between self and public image. Known for her work in painting, installation, and video, Thomas combines patterned furniture, textiles, and wallpaper to create disjointed environments for her subjects, whereas Adams uses collage, painting, and installation, occasionally framed through the imaginary or speculative, to address cultural perceptions and expectations.

July 1977
Mickalene Thomas

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