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September 9-12, 2021   Javits Center

Erik Thomsen

Pier 90, Booth 304
Presenting: Yuichi Inoue, Shigeki Kitani, Shiryu Morita
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Gallery Artists

  • Minol Araki
  • Sueharu Fukami
  • Kyoko Ibe
  • Rokansai Iizuka
  • Shokansai Iizuka
  • Yuichi Inoue
  • Shigeki Kitani
  • Chikubosai Maeda I
  • Chikubosai Maeda II
  • Shiryu Morita
  • Tomohiro Muda
  • Chikuunsai Tanabe I
  • Chikuunsai Tanabe II

Project Description

This presentation sets the powerful paintings of Gutai artist Shigeki Kitani in conversation with the gestural works of avant-garde sho (calligraphy) artists Yuichi Inoue and Shiryu Morita. The trajectory of their respective artistic practices mirrors some of the social and cultural changes in Japan from the 1950s through the 1980s. The choice of sho as a medium of expression poses profound questions about the nature of artistic globalization—and the contrasting claims of nativism and universalism.

Tai (Tranquility)
Yuichi Inoue (1916-1985)

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